Spray Nozzle Tip, Red 0° 4.0 1/4 QC


Additional Information

  • Pressure Washer High Pressure Nozzle with 1/4" Quick Connect attachment
  • 0 Red Tip Nozzle Maximum Blast | Max 4000 PSI
  • The 0-degree shoots a direct jet of water onto the surface. When the jet hits the surface it hits with the area of a quarter coin. It does not sheet or fan out the water spray at all. Delivers the most concentrated stream possible. Capable of cutting through some materials and cleaning off very stubborn stains on concrete and other hard surfaces. Can cause damage to home siding, wood, and other materials, so use with caution.
  • Rarely used because its spray covers so little area (and force so high making it unsafe to use on many surfaces) that it would take forever to clean anything. There are situations when it could be used for removing very tough caked on mud from construction equipment, or rust, or holding at the right distance stains from high strength concrete. A turbo nozzle mimics a red tip force but is much more useful to use.

* Please call us with any questions about our spray nozzle tip red 0 4.0 1/4 qc rentals, serving Provo Utah, Orem, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Lehi and the Provo-Orem Metro Area.